Sprijina.md – is a crowdfunding platform in the Republic of Moldova (based on the social organization), which aims to support positive trends and changes in society by connecting project promoters and potential financial supporters.

The name of the brand is a Romanian verb which translates as support. It’s a call to action. So we use it to address to people directly. In this way, we create a flexible identity system capable to reach all types of audiences: initiators, backers, all the Moldavians.

Our logo speaks for itself, it encourages to support ideas, people and businesses.

Crowdfunding has got the power to change the world. Those who develop the Sprijina.md project, Community of Ambitious Youth start firstly with Republic of Moldova.First changes on the platform.

The people who worked on the project Sprijina.md:
Directed and animated by Vladimir Grossu, filmed by Grigore Furtuna, sound design by Alla Dontu put together with the help of Roman Bordei, concept and everything else — epic production.